GXCC Racing Newbie? Here is your guide!

Not sure where to start or what to do?  Need help?
We are here to do just that!
We will take you through step by step until you see that flag drop.
Here are step by step tips followed by more detailed segments of the steps you will take into getting started:
  1. GXCC membership.
  2. Take out a MSA license club, regional, national or the new popular WOW license.
  3. Get a MSA allocate RACE NUMBER
  4. Decide what class you wish to race.
  5. Enter race online
  6. Lets go racing!!!

Motorsport South Africa LICENSE

First things first…

The GXCC is a proudly MSA affiliated club, which ensures all our championships are recognizable by SASCOC. Therefore, our riders need a valid MSA license to compete at a GXCC.

But this is an easy procedure:


Simply decide which championships you would like to compete in.

All GXCC races from part of 2 different championships – yes you can compete in 2 championships during 1event/race. These are the GXCC, Gauteng Xross Country Club Championship as well as the Northern Regional Championship for the year. By deciding which championships, you would like to compete in, would determine what annual license type you would take out for the year.


To compete in a club championship, a minimum of a MSA Club license is required.

To compete in a regional championship, a minimum of a MSA regional license is required. This license also allows you to compete in a club championship

Annual License are available from MSA.

www.motorsport.co.za or 011 675 2220


Should you wish to only compete in only one event and not take out a annual license, you have the option of taking out a MSA “One Event License” too. These “OELic” are available for club, regional or even national licenses.

Which class to compete in?

GXCC Racing has 12 Senior Bike classes, 5 Quad classes and 4 Junior classes Find a class that suits your age & motorcycle capacity


OR1 Pro
OR1 Pro-Armature
From the year of your 18th birthday Open class (450cc +)
OR2 Pro
OR2 Pro-Armature
From the year of your 18th birthday 250cc 2stroke
350cc 4stroke
OR3 Pro
OR3 Pro-Armature
From the year of your 16th birthday 200cc 2stroke
250cc 4stroke
125cc Year of your 14th birthday 125cc only
High School From the year of your 15th birthday until the year of your 17th birthday No greater than
200cc 2stroke and
250cc 4stroke
Seniors From the year of your 38th birthday Any capacity may be used
Masters From the year of your 46th birthday Any capacity may be used
Ladies From the year of your 16th birthday
Snr WOW From the year of your 15th birthday Any capacity may be used
Jnr 65cc 65cc
Jnr 85cc 85cc
Snr 85cc 85cc
Jnr WOW Ages 7 – 13 years No greater than 855cc


The GXCC Series is sanctioned by the Motorsport South Africa (MSA), so all MSA Rules and standards apply to all GXCC events.

For the annual 2017 Off-road Motorcycle and Quad Supplementary rules, follow the following link:

Let’s get you ENTERED:

Here are the steps to enter online:

You will need to have a valid MSA LICENSE and RACE NUMEBR. If you do not have these requirements yet, don’t panic, follow our easy steps and have MSA issue you a license


Visit our websites HOME PAGE. Select the ENTER RACE HERE tab. You will be directed to Race Control, our online entry page. Ensure that you have a registered profile (if not, click on the REGISTER tab in the top right corner of the screen) Once you have logged into your registered rider profile, simply click on the ENTER RACE tab on the right of the screen. Please ensure that you enter with the correct MSA allocate RACE NUMBER.


When you are busy entering, ensure that you select the correct class! There are 2 classes to select from here – a Primary Class and a Secondary Class. The Secondary class is only valid for rider who will be competing in both Club & Regional championships.

Here are a few tips and common errors to avoid

  • Do not select a regional championship class if you only have a valid club license,
  • GXCC – indicates the club championship
  • NR – indicates the Northern Regional championship.
  • Do not select the same championship twice,


     Primary class GXCC 125cc 
Secondary class GXCC 125cc                         INCORRECT

     Primary class GXCC 125cc 
Secondary class NR 125cc                               CORRECT


Continue and complete your entry.


For your entry to be confirmed on the Online Entry Competitors list, entry must be paid. All riders MUST send through the Proof of Payment to info@gxccracing.co.za. Please use your First name & Riders Number as reference on your payment

Once the GXCC office receives a POP, your entry will be confirmed.

Riders MUST bring along a print out of the POP to documentation on race day.

It’s RACE DAY: At the Event

Once you arrive at the race venue, find yourself a pit area, start off loading, setting up your tent/gazebo and make yourself at home. The GXCC is a family orientated event and we believe in bringing enjoyment for the whole family in a relaxed environment.

Here is the step by step process of what is going to happen at the event:

Go to the Registration/Documentation office. This is usually very visible with all the GXCC branding and infrastructure. Once you get there, you will be required to sign on and confirm that all your personal details are correct.

Once everything has been confirmed, you will receive a rider pack. These packs consists of:

  • Your Helmet Sticker – this sticker is required to be placed on the left side your helmet before you start that race. Marshals at various check points along the route will tick your helmet, ensuring you have passed that section of the route.
  • A black bag – it is not our right, but an absolute honour to be given land to race on, and it is our responsibility to protect and keep the land owners property as tidy as possible. Therefore, we issue a black bag to each rider for them to keep their pit area as clean.
  • Incident report forms – once you have completed the race (as a finisher or a non-finisher) please fill in this form and inform us if there were any incidents you were part of, or came across during your race. You are also required to place your ticked helmet sticker on the back side of this form. This form also has a short survey for you to complete, in order for us to improve each event These forms are to be handed in as soon as possible after completing your race to the registration office.


The GXCC uses Race Control Tags as transponders for timing. If you do not own a race control tag, you can purchase one at registration/documentation for only R100. This tag is yours for life, well, until you lose it at least. Your tag will then be scanned with your unique MSA Race number. If you do have a Race Control tag, simply just scan your tag to ensure it is still registered with your race number.

These tags must be place on the bottom part of your helmet peak. On the peak itself.


Get ready to race. Get kitted up, warmed up and whatever you may do to calm the nerves, it’s almost time to race.


Line up – 30min prior to start, all motorcycles and quads are to be lined up in their various classes as already marked out by the GXCC crew.


Riders briefing. While standing on the start line, Louwrens Mahoney, Owner and Race director of the GXCC will open this race with prayer and do riders briefing – this is compulsory for all riders, as they will be informed about what to expect on the route, what to be cautious about on the route and an over view of what lies ahead.


The flag drops – GXCC Starts are certainly fun, action filled and nail biting. The GXCC does a mass start per class. Riders in each class are called to pass through the timing tent, and then line on the start line. Then we all await the 30 second board. When this board appears, all riders on the line are required to put their hands on their heads while their motorcycle’s engine is running. A 5 seconds board will appear and then Louwrens Mahoney will drop the MSA flag indicating the start of the race for that class.

Marshal Points:

Along the route, you will come across check points. These check points are there for the GXCC crew to follow up on a rough indication of where which riders are on the route.

Tick Marshals are out on these point and will be marking your helmet sticker at these points. We also use this information to verify laps and monitor course cutting.

These marshals are also on route to send through important information about what is going on the route. Should you need to report an injured rider and a rider who has broken down, this is where you will report it. The GXCC also has distance boards on the route, which helps riders give a better indication about a incident they may be reporting.

Pits & Refuelling :

When coming through the pits during your race, you are required to ride in first gear, no more than 30km/h also known as walking pace. Please be aware that pit marshals do monitor this by the use of a calibrated speed gun, and riders stand a chance of receiving penalties when breaking this MSA rule.

This rule is purely for the safety of your families and pit crews who want to enjoy the day too. When refuelling, you as the rider are required to dismount the bike and the bike must be over what we call an environmental mat. These mats must be of such type that any spillage that might occur during refuelling, does not end up in the ground.

Once again, it is our aim to protect our landowner’s property as much as possible. Each pit, should also have one, serviced fire extinguisher.


Well done! By this point you will be an official GXCC competitor! Now you can go ahead and take off all your kit, load your motorcycle and get comfortable again. Now this is when your Incident Report form comes in.

Whether you are a finisher or not, you are required to complete the form, take your helmet sticker off your helmet and place it on the flip side of your incident report form. This form you hand into documentation/registration.

There is usually a clear crate which is ladled “Incident reports”, simply pop it into the box. Approximately 30min after the last competitor has finished the race, the score keepers have printed out the provisional results.

These are published on the notice board by the documentation office. If you have place in the top 6 of your class, firstly WELL DONE, secondly don’t go anywhere! Stick around for prize giving, because our top 6 riders in each club class receive trophies and our top 3 regional riders too.

Gear Check-List:

Below is a list of recommended items to bring. Remember – it is COMPULSORY to wear long pants, long sleeve jersey, helmet, and boots that cover the ankle.

  • Helmet (COMPULSORY)
  • Long sleeve jersey (COMPULSORY)
  • Boots that cover the ankle (COMPULSORY)
  • Pants (COMPULSORY)
  • Chest Protector (Recommended)
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Leatt Neck Brace
  • Kneepads/Braces
  • Kidney Belt


Accessory Check-List:

  • CamelBak
  • Toolbox
  • Bike Stand
  • Fuel Can (full)
  • Cooler with Ice
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gazebo/Tent
  • Chairs
  • Umbrella
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Race Entry Proof of payment (If applicable)
  • Directions to/GPS co-ordinates of race venue
  • MSA license
  • Cash
  • Cell Phone

Two more things to bring with you – a good attitude and a competitive spirit!  No matter how you finish, no matter how many laps you make, the aim is to have fun, don’t quit (unless you have to), and enjoy your time the races with your family, because these will be memories you will cherish for a long time to come.

For any other questions you may have, please email us info@gxccracing.co.za. We are just as excited as you are to see you on the GXCC Start line.