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About the GXCC Racing Series

GXCC hosts both the GXCC Club and Northern Regional Championships

during an 8-round series within a radius of 200km from Johannesburg/ Pretoria

It’s Fun, Accessible and Safe!

Pricing Tables

GXCC Racing Club

Junior Bikes R550
Senior Bikes R700
Senior Quads R700

WOW Class

WOW Juniors (excluding day license) R550
WOW bikes (excluding day license) R700
WOW Quads (excluding day license) R700

Northern Regions

Junior Bikes R550
Senior Quads R700
Senior Bikes R700

Northern Region & Club Dual Entry

Junior Club & NR Bikes R700
Senior Club & NR Bikes R850
Senior Club & NR Quads R850

Our events are FUN!

This is applicable to everyone, from competitors to spectators and children and as the saying goes, “happy wife, happy life”. With an enjoyable route for competitors, they will not have to be concerned about their pit crew, as hospitality, catering, ablution areas and junior races ensure that “race day” is made fun and family friendly.

Our events are ACCESSIBLE!

Time and money are two of the most crucial factors in today’s world. Thus, making racing as accessible and affordable as possible is key! With no event further than a 2-hour drive from Johannesburg/Pretoria, it won’t be necessary for an expensive weekend away. It is possible to load the bikes on Saturday morning and be back in your own bed by Saturday evening.

Our events are SAFE!

With 14 years of racing experience behind him and with a proper understanding about the sport, from a riders point of view, Wian du Plessis will personally be hands on with laying out the route, aiming at creating and marking routes in the best possible way. We will do our utmost best to ensure the safety of members, participants and spectators, but because of the nature of motorsport, it is impossible to warrant the safety of people, possessions and property.

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